We grow carrots all year around with an estimated production capacity of 3000 tons annually.


Our plantings take place in the autumn months.Their size ranges between 500gr – 900gr.

Chinese cabbage

Our plantings take place in the autumn months. Their size ranges between 700gr – 1500gr.


By the new cultivation season, Iceberg and Cabbage will be added to our inventory.

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Years of experience

We are a family business that has operated in the area of Tanagra, Greece since 1980 and we are engaged in the production of carrots. In recent years with the the new generation actively entering the business, we have expanded the range of our products by cultivating Radicchio and Chinese Cabbage.

  • Καλλιέργεια ραντίτσιου

Our company has as a principle the respect of public health and the protection of the environment. For this reason, we use only approved pesticides, always in the permitted dosages. Additionally, we have refrigeration and packaging facilities where all of our products are packaged after strict sorting. We maintain the state- required operating license, and all of our operation comply according to ISO 22000 certification, HACCP and GLOBAL GAP.

Behind the Final Product !


The first stage is the plowing of the lands.
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After the plowing process, tilling follows.
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Φύτεψη - Σπορά
Planting - Sowing

After our lands are ready we can carry out Planting - Sowing.
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After planting - Seeding, we carve out the areas.
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Now that everything is ready, the harvest can take place.
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Finally, we have a packaging room where all our products are packed.
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Fine vegetables from nature
on our plate !!!

Whole fresh vegetables, handpicked one by one. From the fertile valley of Tanagra Municipality. They are packed a few hours after picking.